Monday, October 06, 2008

Back to Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the most memorable places that i've visited, even surpassed the European countries that i have visited so far. There are still so much to learn about the rich history of the country, the culture, the adversity of the Cambodians, still trying to get out of the casting shadow of the brutal remains of the Khmer Rouge Regime.

I have learnt a few new things in this trip :

1) Siem Reap is named after a defeat of Thailand. 'Siem' meaning 'Thailand', 'Reap' meaning 'Defeat'

2) The most common auto rickshaw you seen on the road, resembling the 'tuk tuk' in Bangkok, is not known as 'xxxxxxx' (damn it! i cant recall the name! can someone who knows advise me plsss) The Cambodians are trying their best efforts to break free from the association with Thailand as they have been centuries of old bloodbath as long as the Angkor days.

3) Wondering why each step of the Angkor temples was built so steep and narrow, even a bound feet lady might not be able to fit onto the steps? There is a reason behind it, acsending to the temple is like making your way to Heaven, filled with challenges and difficulties. (not for everyone!)

4) The per annual Capital income of Cambodia is about USD480. 90% of the poverty stays in rural areas and 1/3 of the Cambodians only earns One USD a month. They survived by having their own crops and livestock.

5) Education is free for government schools, but literacy rate is still low because the parents cant afford to provide basic stationery like pencils and paper for the children.

A visit to the Angkor Children's hospital is heart wrenching. The poor brought their sick children from far away villages to visit this charity hospital. As the hospital is short of staffs, they do not operate on weekends. You see a group of parents, with their ill stricken kids, 'camping' at the lobby area for days sometimes.

Some kids are victims of landmines, with approximately 300 victims who suffered from landmine explosion each year. Their tiny lives were blasted away with a simple 'click' of the mine. Those who survived will face the brutal fact that life will not be the same anymore. Yet, the poor and sick seems to be more positive than anyone of us. They were excited to have visitors coming to the hospital, and smiling enchantingly at the cameras. I guess, simplicity is bliss.

Some pics to share, prepare your tissue papers!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Within the life of the plastic facade, lies an indepth personality of a vibrant, dreamy and extra ordinary character. Someone who is often interpretated as imperfection rather than precision. She is unpredictable and evocative, leaving you with vast imagination on what she is trying to convey. To discover her inner beauty, you have to learn to understand her in order to appreciate her talent. She is my inspiration, someone who i aspire to be, her name is 'DIANA'...

I had an outing with her last Sunday, we had a fun time together and she'd brought great joy to my day!! Looking forward to go out with her again :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My favorite things

Who else but my beloved niece!! ( of cos not forgetting Pola darling! )
Finally i had the chance to pass the gifts that i had bought for her in NY. As age catches up, i find that my memory storage is depleting rapidly, i couldnt remember anything unless i jotted it down on my muji doggie ears notebook or register the information in my second brain, that is my blackberry or Nokia N82.

She was so delighted to receive the pressies and i feel so honored that she added me as one of her chapters in her Zenn's Diary....

Awww.....isnt she sweet??

I realised my niece is growing more and more like her Ah Yi aka Mio.

Besides our similar twiggy-lookalike outlook, she is developing a tasteful panache, and its clearly documented in her diary, "She bought them from USA and they were expensive".... I guess our identical traits runs in the same family blood!

Oops! Btw, am i infringing her privacy by publishing her diary online? :X

We went to Kallang CineLeisure, a neighborhood hub concept shopping mall. Lots activities like KBox KTV, Cineplex, Bowling alley etc....

There was a temporary vintage bazaar sale on the top floor of the shopping mall, which brought back fond memories of my childhood.... my mummy's old Singer Sewing Machine, papa's favorite collection of porcelein figurines like the China dolls coinbank and funny teapots in the shape of a swan or cat, freebies like snoopy & garfield glass collection from Darkie toothpaste and cute coinbanks from UIC washing detergent (which they no longer use such freebies as promotional items!! :( ) and a familiar courtesy campaign mascot, called Xin Ya or Singa Lion...

Looks familar?
And the song goes "Courtesy is for me, Courtesy is for you and me, ta da na na ta da...neh neh neh...."

Come to think of it, Singapore is really a Campaign City...we have countless of posters, banners, TV advertisement on weird campaigns including the No spitting, No smoking, No littering ( not forgeting the big 'FINE $500' logo planted at every corner of the country! ).

It was a big hoo-ha in those days. I tried not to sweep my hair when i am out, wondering if in case a strand of hair falls on the floor, will i be charged?

I still remember my papa telling me, the moment you spitted or dropped ur cigarette butt on the ground, a police will pounce on you from the bushes or trees and fine you immediately! Fortunately, CCTVs are really expensive then. Our poor citizens were terrified and paranoid walking past bushes & trees with thick trunks. 500 bucks can feed a family of 4 for a month in those days. Everyone was critizing the campaigns then, but somehow, our beloved government's great plan for the country never falters..... it works every time!

I reckon the best reward i got from the vintage bazaar is a nice bargain, a pretty vintage suitcase at 80 bucks. It resembles those old era of '空中小姐' with a hardcase retro suitcase with silver buckles. So Nice!!!! Luving it!!
I've decided to post some pics and get you ppl out there drooling over my good buy :P

Monday, September 15, 2008


Besides a fruitful collection of A/X, GAP, Coach, Banana Republic, Abercrombie & Fitch, this over the moon trip to NY had given me a chance to finish my book (which i had gotten 2 weeks ago but didnt even have the time to flip the 1st page!), 'After Dark' by Haruki Murakami, and watched the show that i'd always wanted to catch, but somehow missed it on the cinema cos every damn person i knew have already watched me except me! I didnt want to catch the movie all by myself, something which i doubt i will ever do alone...cos only a psychotic dweeb does that. But i guess reading a book in a park or a cafe alone, without any worldly distraction is pretty cool!

You must be thinking wat is the great show that i am yapping about.... its 'Sex and the City' movie!! Well, you must be going 'Chey....this is so passe' *eyes rolling* But as a matter of fact, i have never catched a single episode of the much talk about drama. Besides ogling over the designers' apparels in the show, ( which inspired me to spend a 300 bucks ultra long Coach necklace, a lookalike tat Carrie matches with a simple pink dress in the show ) the movie brings forth the struggles, complexity issues of love and life face by us, the CITY WOMEN! For ladies who have not catched the show, plsssssss.....go grab a DVD, be it pirated or not! For men out there, for god's sake, stop indulging in lame superhero movie like Indiana Jones, Star wars, Transformers -_-" Be a SNAG for once, this movie will give you great insights to what a woman really wants....Not just Louis Vuitton, Prada, Manolo Blahnik etc (of cos if you can get it for your lady, it will be a bonus! )

Back to my book, 'After Dark', a set of encounters faced by 2 main characters; Mari and Eri. A pair of sisters with extreme characters, the series of random happenings with various characters after midnight. It is a simple, yet dreamlike novel that set you thinking about the mysteries in life, dreams and hope. Things that evolves around you, it happens all the time but you've never realised it and you dunno why. The author integrates reality into dreams in the dark hours, one moment seem intensely realistic, but the next instant have swayed into a mysterious alternative world.

I am obsessed with this writer, and i bought another of his book today, 'Elephant Vanishes'.... its a series of short stories, and i reckon it is more suitable for me since i havent gotten much chance to have an entire day without any disturbance to finish my book. Hmm...maybe one story a night?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lost & Found

Location : Central Park; NY
Date : 8 Sept 2008
Time : 10.39am
Weather : Cool sunny day

No birdies chirping, no froggies croaking..... Just loud screaming & yelling from the little children running and jumping at the playground.

Somehow, the kids' blaring shriek fails to irritate me. My heart is at peace, rustling like the autumn leaves that slowly fall & lay on the concrete path, spreading like a long golden carpet in Central park, NY.

I am sitting on a huge rock, located in the centre of the park, overlooking the bustling NY city...Skyscrapers, road workers drilling the ground, working men in ties & black jackets, women in their high heels walking faster than the 100m Jamaican runner in Olympics 2008....all ready to kickstart the 1st day of the week!

I am so glad to be separated from just a street across, experiencing the temporary tranquil life, deep in my thoughts. Dream vs reality...what is more sought after by most?

My philosophy in life : To start loving others, you have to love yourself first. I always have countless of dreams that i wanna fulfil, dreams give hope, and hope gives life. I am an intuitive individualist, when i dun feel like doing something, i totally put a halt to it. However, i realised that i have been loving myself too much, so much so at the expense of others.

I spend hours and hours looking at myself in the mirror everyday (those who know me know that i am a mirrorholic, never miss a mirror w/out looking into it! ) But the sad thing is all i saw is only the reflection of my pretty face ( ok...looks is subjective, dun slam me for making this statement! ) not reflecting in my innerself, the ugly side of me.

In the past 6 mths, where i 'MIA' from my papillon blog site, i seem to have vanished into another dimension, a place where i lost myself in search of my own dreams. I did turn my dreams into reality, did outrageous things that i have never done before...powerboating, outdoor painting, bicycle trekking, getting wasted at fullmoon party in KSM, staring at a plain wall and decided to do a beautiful graffiti with my acrylic paint, and the list went on....ta da ta da ta da.....

It is fun, i really enjoyed doing things that i like, but unfortunately, a dream is a dream, it burst like a bubble when you finally reach a stage of realisation....

I received an email last night from a stranger in another part of the world. What he said really dawn on me, he said, "Shame you dont write anymore...i like ur blog" He reminded me how much i love writing, and somehow, i felt bad and guilty towards that complete stranger. Again, just because i dun feel like it, i stop blogging, in this case, at the expense of my ardent fans! :P

It set me thinking that if i could feel this way towards someone that i have never met, why am i indifferent to the people who around me? This is me, the self-centred individual, i wanna start giving more love. It is actually not a bad feeling to give than receive i guess. Happiness is not about yourself, its about 'US'!! Love is nothing complicated, Love is simply SIMPLE!! :D

Monday, March 24, 2008


Back to painting! This time, i bought a set of watercolors to try out....the effect is awesome!

My 1st masterpiece

Title : Happy Together

Artist : MIO

Date : 22.03.08

My second artpiece

Title : Countryside love

Date : 24.03.08

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project 'Farewell'

My first scrapping project of 2008:

Title : Angelina's farewell
Theme : Colourful memories with the Whackos'
No. of hours taken to complete : 4 hours
Material cost : approx. 19.80 SGD (inclusive of frame)
Effort cost : A fraction of my heart ( invaluable )

End result? : To be revealed tomorrow

Pixie in my palm

Pixie all framed up!